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We understand tax-related matters might appear really complicated, and sometimes you might have certain ticking questions. Don’t worry; Excelsior Tax Advisory is here to answer the questions you might be having. Some of them are below.

What types of cases do you handle?
We dedicate our time to engaging in disputes with the ATO and assisting clients in resolving various tax-related issues. These tasks encompass a wide range of activities, including negotiating the reduction of tax liabilities and establishing payment plans, guiding clients through audits to mitigate potential drawbacks, lodging objections against unfavourable ATO rulings, and representing clients in court when the ATO's decisions are incorrect.
I am not NSW based, can you still help me?
Despite our NSW-based location, we're well-equipped to assist you with a wide range of tax disputes, as we primarily handle Federal tax matters that apply uniformly across Australia. Our track record includes successfully aiding clients from various parts of the country, all of whom have expressed satisfaction with our services. At Excelsior Tax Advisory, we leverage a variety of communication tools to facilitate ease of communication such as phone calls, emails, SMS, WhatsApp and Zoom. Our team can guide you on how to utilize these tools effectively. Many clients find our video conferencing options particularly convenient, eliminating the need for them to travel for in-person meetings. If circumstances require us to meet outside of NSW, we can arrange for that as well. This could be necessary, for instance, when negotiating a resolution for a significant tax dispute with the ATO or when filing an appeal in your local tribunal.
How can Excelsior Tax Advisory assist me during the tax audit process?
Excelsior Tax Advisory's experts offer comprehensive support, from interpreting audit notices to organising documents and communicating with the ATO on your behalf. We ensure you understand your rights and commitments throughout the audit process.
What role does Excelsior Tax Advisory play in communicating with the ATO during the audit?
We act as intermediaries between you and the ATO. Our team communicates with tax authorities, ensuring your information and documentation are presented in compliance with the ATO's requirements. This relieves you of the administrative burden and ensures accurate and timely submissions.
How does Excelsior Tax Advisory handle errors or discrepancies in my tax returns and financial records?
Our tax professionals thoroughly review your documents before submission. If errors or discrepancies are identified, we assist you in correcting them. We ensure your submissions are accurate and complete, reducing the risk of issues arising during the audit process.
Can Excelsior Tax Advisory help me appeal unjust audit findings, taxes, penalties, or interest imposed by the ATO?
Absolutely. If you believe the ATO's findings are unjust, we can help you prepare and lodge objections and appeals. Our team represents your interests in discussions with the ATO and, if necessary, during legal proceedings at the tribunal, working diligently to achieve a fair resolution.
Apart from audit assistance, how can Excelsior Tax Advisory support me in tax planning and compliance?
Beyond audits, we assist you in developing tax-efficient strategies and ensuring ongoing tax compliance. Our experts help you make informed financial decisions, minimising tax liabilities within legal boundaries. With Excelsior Tax Advisory, you can navigate tax complexities, ensuring your financial well-being in the long run.

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