Best Tax Lawyer Litigation Service In Sydney – Call Today!

Best Tax Lawyer Litigation Service In Sydney – Call Today!

  • February/19/2024

Finding the best tax lawyer litigation service in Sydney for your tax needs can feel overwhelming. With so many options, how do you know which firm has the experience, expertise, and track record to get the best possible outcome for your case? Look no further than Excelsior Tax Advisory – Sydney’s premier tax law firm specializing in tax audits, tax debt recovery and disputes with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

With years of experience dealing with even the most complex tax cases, our team of leading Sydney tax lawyers have the skills and knowledge to protect your rights and minimize any penalties imposed by the ATO. We know the ins and outs of tax law and will build the strongest possible defense so you receive the best resolution.

At Excelsior Tax Advisory, we provide robust legal representation for:

  • ATO Tax audits
  • Tax debt recovery
  • Disputes with the ATO
  • Litigation services

Our expertise covers all tax types including income tax, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax, goods and services tax (GST), PAYG installments, superannuation and more. Whether you’re an individual, small business or large corporation, we have the experience to take on the ATO on your behalf.

Why Choose us for Your Tax Litigation Needs?

When you’re facing the daunting force of the Australian Tax Office, you need a law firm with the necessary experience and skills to go into bat for you. Excelsior Tax Advisory offers:

1. Highly Experienced Tax Lawyers in Sydney

Our team are all highly qualified tax lawyer litigation service with extensive experience and knowledge across all areas of tax law. We stay up to date with the latest changes to tax legislation and ATO guidance to build the strongest case possible. Our Sydney tax lawyers have acted in some of the largest and most complex tax cases in recent times. This experience is invaluable when defending our clients.

2. Tax Audit Specialists

ATO tax audits can be intrusive, intimidating and difficult to navigate. We act for clients across all industries and for all types of tax audits including income tax, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax, GST and superannuation. Our process involves reviewing any allegations made by the ATO, analyzing the strength of their case, and preparing a comprehensive response to minimize any penalties. We liaise directly with the ATO on your behalf to achieve the best outcome.

3. Tax Debt Recovery and Payment Plans

If you have an outstanding tax debt, the ATO can be ruthless in their debt collection practices. From garnishee orders to asset seizures, it’s vital to have an experienced lawyer negotiate on your behalf. We can assist by reviewing the debt amount and negotiating flexible payment plans. In some cases, we may identify errors in the calculation and have penalties reduced or waived. We also prepare payment arrangements that match your financial capacity.

4. Litigation and Court Representation

We cover every step of the litigation process from alternative dispute resolution to representing you in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Federal Court or High Court of Australia. Our tax lawyer litigation service ensures we build the strongest case possible to increase the prospects of success. We leave no stone unturned in gathering evidence and constructing powerful legal arguments.

5. Tax structuring and Reviews

In addition to our tax lawyer litigation services, Excelsior Tax Advisory can help avoid future disputes with the ATO by ensuring your tax structures and arrangements are legally compliant. We provide advice on minimizing your tax liability through legitimate means and review previous tax returns for risk exposure. Proactive steps today can prevent major headaches down the track.

When dealing with scary tax letters, debt claims and disputed assessments, don’t go it alone. Engage Sydney’s leading tax lawyer litigation service for the expertise, experience and track record to achieve the best result for you. 

Why Engage Excelsior Tax Advisory In ATO Tax Audits?

  • We take control of the audit process – you can relax knowing your case is in good hands.
  • Our ATO tax audit specialists identify errors in the methodology and quickly respond to information requests.
  • We use our technical tax knowledge to challenge unfavorable ATO findings.
  • If objections fail, we vigorously represent you in appeals to achieve the best result.
  • Our experience means we anticipate the ATO’s next steps allowing us to plan ahead.

If you’ve received that dreaded tax audit letter, contact today for specialized legal representation. With our expertise by your side, we can ease the burden so you achieve the optimal outcome.

Dealing with Tax Debts and ATO Payment Plans

Has the Australian Taxation Office slapped you with a large tax bill that you simply can’t pay in full? Finding yourself in debt to the ATO can be daunting but rest assured there are solutions available. Engaging our experienced tax lawyers in Sydney will give you the best chance of minimizing the debt and negotiating a manageable ATO payment plan.

Your Options for Repaying Tax Debts

If you have outstanding income tax, GST, PAYG installments, excise duty or superannuation debts, the ATO will firstly expect you to pay the full amount. However, there are other options if you cannot afford this financially:

  • Payment plan – Pay the debt off in manageable installments over time. We negotiate terms based on your financial details.
  • Release from liabilities – We examine your role in the company to have you personally released from some or all debt.
  • Deferral of debt – Have the recovery paused for a set period due to financial difficulties.
  • Remission – Negotiate a reduction in total debt for qualifying reasons such as serious hardship.
  • Compromise – Have the debt waived due to it being uneconomical to pursue recovery.

The key is engaging tax lawyers to negotiate the most suitable arrangement and avoid aggressive ATO recovery tactics.

The ATO Collections Approach

The ATO has wide-ranging powers to enforce debts including:

  • Bank account freezing
  • Wage garnishees
  • Distraint (seizure and sale of assets)
  • Director penalty notices
  • Winding up applications
  • Bankruptcy proceedings

Once notified of a tax debt in Sydney, it’s crucial to immediately discuss repayment or tax debt options with Excelsior Tax Advisory. We quickly submit a proposal to the ATO and ensure strong-arm recovery methods are kept to a minimum.

Don’t wait for an ATO tax debt notice to arrive. Contact our experienced tax lawyers for assistance negotiating the best possible outcome. The sooner we become involved, the better chance you have of minimizing penalties and instigating affordable repayment plans.

Why the ATO Often Loses in Tax Litigation

The Australian Tax Office hates nothing more than losing a high-profile tax case. But our expert Sydney tax lawyers have shown time and time again that with the right preparation and execution, the ATO’s stance can be dismantled in a court of law. Here are some of the reasons why the ATO frequently comes off second best in tax litigation cases:

They Rely Too Heavily on Technical Points

The ATO reads legislation far too literally. Our lawyers expose this by demonstrating other reasonable interpretations that reflect the true intention of tax laws. We broaden the context beyond technicalities to overcome the ATO’s stance.

Flaws in The Evidence

Through meticulous preparation, we uncover the weaknesses in the ATO’s evidence and then systematically pull their case apart. A small inconsistency is often all that is needed to cast doubt and expose that their position is based on flimsy or flawed evidence. Our tax lawyers litigation service relentlessly highlight any evidentiary gaps until their case is in tatters.

Biased Decision Making

The ATO has a clear vested interest in matters so cannot make determinations with impartiality. By highlighting conflicts of interest and decision-making bias, our senior lawyers can have their rulings overturned by external entities. We also leverage previous ATO mistakes and misleading interpretations to challenge their credibility.


Their tunnel vision leads the ATO to be highly inflexible in negotiations. Our attorneys use their unwillingness to bend as negotiation leverage and eventually position them into a corner. We take an uncompromising stance knowing the ATO will have to eventually make concessions.

Strategic Litigation Approach

Excelsior Tax Advisory deploys well-planned and integrated tax lawyer litigation strategies tailored to each case. Our combination of meticulous case-building, negotiations, evidence-gathering, communications and court craft exposes systemic weaknesses in the ATO’s approach. Backed by Excelsior Tax Advisory, taxpayers can be confident of having the best possible chance of succeeding against the Australian Tax Office in litigation. For expert assistance with ATO disputes, contact our Sydney legal team today.


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