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Expect exceptional tax expertise

About Us

Expect exceptional tax expertise

Excelsior Tax Advisory’s team of tax experts is dedicated to providing expert guidance and resolving complex tax issues and tax-related disputes for our clients. Whether it involves advocating on your behalf during negotiations with the ATO, representing you in the tribunal when a tax dispute escalates into litigation, or drafting responses to an ATO review, audit, or dispute, Excelsior Tax Advisory excels in advising and defending businesses and individuals in their dealings with the ATO.


Our team of of tax experts don't just offer expertise; we craft personalised solutions.


We pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of tax law and legal compliance.

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What We Provide

Sydney’s Best Financial Advisory and Tax Lawyer firm!

Finance management has now become an integral part of our daily budgeting process where your informed decision can reduce Tax burden over your budget and can hold your profits. Tax planning acts as a crucial activity in this process where being updated is as important as being Informed. Excelsior Tax Advisory stands as "best tax advisor near me" Sydney's premier full-service tax advisory and tax consultancy firm. For over years, our team of expert tax lawyer Sydney staff have provided high-value guidance to help individuals and businesses maximise opportunities and achieve financial success.

High-grade tax and financial planning service

Our tax lawyer Australia planning involves a series of minor and major processes which are curated by understanding the financial prospectus of the clients and prioritising the financial goals. Our team of tax consultants take a proactive approach to tax preparation and financial planning where we go beyond just inputting your data - we gain a deep understanding of your circumstances to uncover hidden opportunities for tax savings and smart financial growth strategies. Our customised Tax Lawyer Sydney solutions help you minimise your tax liability legally and ethically. We stay on top of the latest tax codes and policies so you capitalise on every available deduction, credit, offset, rebate, and exemption. We also provide ongoing tax planning guidance and advice so you can make financially optimal decisions all year long. On the other side, our expert legal services include ATO audit services payroll, compliance reporting, financial statement preparation and analysis. Our tax Lawyer Australia stays updated with the latest information regarding ATO tax returns and interest rates. We provide additional information and tools for users. We help you effectively manage cash flow, monitor budget vs. actuals, and gain financial insights to run your business smoothly. For people searching “Chartered Tax advisor near me”, Partner with us for high-grade tax preparation and financial planning tailored to your unique needs. Discover smarter ways to preserve wealth as we guide your financial interests both today and in the future.

Customised Solutions for Your Unique Financial Situation

Financial Needs is the base brick of formulating any Tax strategies. We recognize that each client's financial and tax return circumstances are different. Following which, our team of Tax Lawyer Australia takes the time to understand your unique situation and goals. We dig deep and ask the right questions so we can customise ideal solutions that fulfil your specific needs. Whether you are an individual, family, business owner, investor or organisation, we become familiar with the intricacies of your financial world. Our customised, focused approach allows us to provide each client with high-grade chartered tax advisory services that help realise their definition of financial success. Search the best “Chartered Tax advisor near me” in Australia - Call us.

Organizational Principles

What factors drive us to offer you the best?

We uphold integrity in every interaction, provide unparalleled expertise, and build enduring trust, creating a foundation for successful partnerships. What motivates us?


To provide unparalleled expertise in legal tax law to our clients with a dedicated team of skilled tax experts.


To be the best tax team for taxpayers seeking guidance and resolving complex tax matters and tax-related disputes for our clients.

Core value

With our legal tax law expertise, we offer holistic solutions. We excel in resolving tax related challenges, ensuring optimal outcomes with high level of confidentiality.

Business Consultant and Tax Lawyer Services In Australia

As a specialist business consultant and Tax advisor near me, we provide invaluable guidance for companies throughout Australia looking to strengthen their financial position. Whether you are an established enterprise or a promising startup, our tax lawyer Sydney tailored advice and actionable strategies equip you to seize opportunities and overcome obstacles. Our clientele for Tax debt help spans a wide spectrum, encompassing individuals, sole traders, partnerships, family businesses, SMEs, and large corporations.We help you interpret your numbers to gain insights that inform smart management decisions. Our Tax Lawyer Australia ensures your company benefits from every available business tax incentive and deduction while remaining compliant.

We become your trusted partner in Australia for providing ongoing Tax Audit & Debt services such as year-end tax preparation, tax minimization strategies, advisory on investment/expansion opportunities, and more. We offer specialised legal services for not-for-profits and other entity structures. We Offer Tax Law Advice in the Following Areas:

  • Tax lawyer service
  • personal tax service
  • registered tax services
  • financial advisor for business
  • payroll outsourcing
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • ATO GIC Rate Calculation
  • Engaging the services of a specialist Tax Lawyer Sydney can significantly increase your chances of a successful outcome, when compared to attempting to deal with the issue yourself. You can feel comfortable working with our team as our approach to your tax law situation is ultimately client focussed. You can feel comfortable working with the team as our approach to your tax law situation is ultimately client focussed. We make an effort to make what is sometimes a complicated procedure easier to grasp by speaking in clear, jargon-free English and by working as quickly and cheaply as possible to deliver our services. Our tax team, composed of expert lawyers, tax consultants and tax agents provides personalised, professional tax services to individuals, investors, small business and corporations.

    We Do Things Differently At Excelsior Tax Advisory

    What sets us apart in the "Tax advisor near me" and Tax Lawyer services sphere? Our whole approach to client relationships makes us a refreshing alternative to traditional tax prep firms. We mitigate old-school practices like opaque pricing, generic advice and lack of accessibility. Instead, we are upfront, holistic and highly collaborative. There are no additional costs associated with our tax lawyer service pricing, which is open and honest. To maintain the basic key structure of your budget understanding, we take the time to clearly explain ATO principles and tax rules. We are available year-round to answer your questions, not just during tax season.

    What business owners need to know.

  • Are your revenues, costs, profits, and profit margins healthy?
  • Where can you gain access to capital to help you grow your business?
  • What are your retirement and business succession options?
  • Is your business adequately insured to cover all risks?
  • Have you recently done a strategic business assessment?
  • Are you tracking expenses, payroll, and tax obligations efficiently?
  • How much liquidity do you have or need?
  • We work closely with you to build a holistic plan that considers everything from tax and risk management, to business succession and retirement, and everything in between. Our tax lawyers Sydney financial planning for business owners includes coordination with your legal chartered tax advisors to your business and personal financial plan, supported by all your resources working together on your behalf.

    At Excelsior Tax Advisory, the client comes first. We measure our success by your satisfaction and financial progress. Our Tax Lawyer Sydney team stays current on the latest developments so we can proactively inform you of plans and strategies that serve your interests. We welcome open communication and feedback, so we can consistently improve. Search for “Chartered Tax advisors near me” and discover the difference for yourself with us. Our passionate team of Tax lawyer Australia, consultants and advisors look forward to helping you maximise every financial opportunity and paving the path to your definition of success.

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